Retirement & Layup Care

Like people, horses have earned their retirements. They have worked hard for us, taught us, given us fun and adventure. Now it is their time to just be a horse- no more performance expectations. Retirement does not mean just put out to pasture either! Horses, like people, still need to feel connected to others, to have interests, hobbies (ie: therapeutic riding for persons with disabilities), and to have attention to their changing health needs. Like people, their appetite changes, their eyesight changes, teeth and chewing ability change, arthritis can set-in, all testaments to having lived a full and productive life.

Injured and post-operative horses often require confinement in sanitary conditions to restrict movement, combat infection, and maximize/enhance the healing process. A patient needs to have patience, but just as for humans, this is not easy! Boredom can lead to anxiety, which can lead to a compromised immune system and unwanted stall behaviors. Frequent attention, grooming, massage, t-touch, carrot treats, even goat companionship are just a few ways to help the patient through this difficult period. Nodaway Farm: a place where retired or recuperating horses live in peace and receive quality care, respect, compassion, and attention.

Layup Care

We offer a full range of layup care services for your horse. Under the direction of Nodaway Farm's veterinary team, or the direction of your chosen veterinarian, we can provide the critical, round-the-clock prescribed treatments your horse needs. Hydrotherapy, medications, leg wrapping, IV fluids, recording vital signs, changing dressings, bathing, are just a few of the services we offer.

Equine massage, T-Touch, and other alternative therapy treatments such as iontophoresis, infra-red light, micro currents and acupuncture, are also available by local certified equine therapists.

We use the following professional services in the care of horses at Nodaway Farm:
Mary DeLorey, DVM
N.W. Equine Denistry

Dr. Erik Splawn
Happy Valley Veterinary Services
(360) 582-1244

Dave Peterson's Farrier Services

Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital
(360) 568-3111
Closest equine surgical & 24-hour intensive care hospital.

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